Project Description

This semester our group decided to explore Arduino-Based Engineering by figuring out how to code the Arduino Braccio Arm to perform certain tasks. We decided to work with the Braccio Arm because it was an affordable and beginner friendly option. The arm was coded on Arduino’s open source IDE, powered by an Arduino “uno R3” circuit board and contains six servo motors (one at each joint). A benefit of using this arm is that Arduino provides free STL files (3-D Print-able files) for different kinds of attachments to replace the “hand” and give the arm different utility! Another interesting add-on to this project is being able to control the arm via Bluetooth through an app on your phone and even controlling it with Amazon Alexa’s voice control. Some things to look out for and keep in mind when building the arm are make notes in your code, adjust your code for the arm “error in movement” due to the cheap plastic parts, know limits of motors and calibrate as you build the arm, and lastly don’t hesitate to look on Arduino’s open-source forums for help!